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Marinating food and wet aging of the meat

Marinating meat like a professional in almost no time and without any additional costs. Your food will remain safely packed and fresh, ready to be opened for any occasion. Henkelman machines with ACS (Advanced Control System) option, enable enhanced vacuum packaging trough the use of specially designed programs for food processing.

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Do you wish to prepare your favourite piece of meat or cook a tasteful dish? In both cases, choosing the marinating process is the best way of bringing out the best your dish has to offer. Create a marinade “bath” in vacuum bag, simply immerse meat, fruit or vegetables in it and choose the marinating regime in the ACS module which will significantly decrease the time needed to infuse the taste of marinade in to the foodstuffs.

Before you start with the marinating process, be sure to pick out your favourite one. Majority of people use vinegar, lemon, olive oil and different types of seasoning. As already mentioned, put sufficient quantities of marinade in to the vacuum bag and then add properly sliced meat in to it. (slicing meat properly will increase the percentage of marinade absorption). Meat and marinade need to be cooled down to at least 3°C in order to avoid the boiling of the food due to change of pressure.

Finally, you can begin with multiple cycle marinating vacuuming process of the contents in the bag (Lowering and increasing the % of vacuum in the chamber which opens and closes the pores of the foodstuffs, virtually converting them in to a sponge and causing the surrounding liquids to be absorbed) When the bag is sealed, you can store in the refrigerator. Storage time depends on which type of food you pack (Normally 30 minutes to 2 hours should do the trick).

Similar procedure of vacuum packing with altering the vacuum levels in the vacuuming chamber, suitable only for certain meat types, is called meat tendering. This program softens the tissue of the meat trough intense multi-cycle vacuuming program. You can save a lot of money and time with this advanced technology.

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